Changing room lockers: an indispensable tool

One of the essential pieces of furniture in all workplaces are changing room lockers. In companies, gyms, schools or other types of environments, lockers allow you to change clothes directly on site and are excellent for storing personal items.

One of our flagship items, the stainless steel changing room locker, can be made in various models: with a single door or with several doors, with multiple tiers, with different types of closure and adjustable feet.

In any case, however, there are precise rules to be respected when using a locker: these serve to ensure that a whole series of important characteristics and advantages are provided to the people who use it.


The norm

First of all, according to Italian law, all workers must be provided with a specific room where they can change from personal to work clothes and where they can safely store their personal belongings.

According to legislation therefore, as we said before, changing rooms in general are spaces a company cannot do without. Furthermore, still according to the law, workers who carry out tasks involving getting in contact with food that can make the clothes dirty, with gases or smokes that contain greasy elements, must compulsorily change their clothes and keep work uniforms well separated from personal clothes.

Contact between the two must absolutely not take place, for this reason it is advisable to provide employees with two separate lockers or a locker with a special internal partition.

In addition to this, the lockers must have:

  • • a key or padlock lock, to be able to close the cabinet in a secure manner
  • • a sloping roof, for safety issues

The importance of the sloping top in lockers

As we have just indicated, it is often mandatory for changing room lockers to have a sloping top.

First of all, this standard was adopted for hygiene reasons. The slanted top in fact prevents the accumulation of dust and other dirt residues, or in any case makes it easier to remove them.

In addition, safety of the operators using the lockers is the main reason behind the choice of a sloping top. This in fact prevents potentially heavy objects from being placed on top of the locker and accidentally falling, injuring someone.

This safety measure is simple but extremely effective and ensures employer and employees the locker room environment is even safer.


Other general safety rules for changing rooms

Finally, let’s see some additional precautions and real rules so that in general the changing room environment is hygienic and safe.

As far as hygiene is concerned, the presence of people from different backgrounds in the changing rooms can facilitate the spread of viruses and bacteria. Consequently, it is important to:

  • • Regulate the access
  • Ventilate frequently
  • Space out the individual workstations, also using the appropriate benches
  • • Keep personal effects and clothes inside closed bags or containers
  • Disinfect all surfaces frequently

By following these few but important precautions it will be possible to keep the changing room environment hygienic and safe.

At Facilitas, we aim to help you comply with hygiene standards and guarantee a healthy and safe environment for employees and customers. This is why we offer a wide range of products, all in stainless steel, compliant with HACCP standards and easily sanitized.

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