Stainless steel writing desks

In every corporate environment and workplace, there is the need to have a large and resistant space for storing personal items, equipment or clothing…

There can also be situations where a mobile, easy to move, light weight yet durable structure is needed.

A firm support point that also acts as a cupboard at the same time. Writing desks (also called stand up desks) are the furnishing solution that best meets all these needs.

Let’s find out in detail.


Features of a writing desk

The writing desk is often compared to a chest of drawers. While it is certainly similar to this one, it also has characteristics that differentiate it, making it unique.

It can be equipped with a drawer, or in the cupboard version, it can have one or two hinged doors that open onto a single large and deep central compartment (depending on the size of course).

This allows you to have a single large space to store bulky objects that would not fit in a chest of drawers. Furthermore, it is possible to have height adjustable internal shelves, so as to adapt the space to the most specific needs.

In addition, perhaps the most important feature of the writing desk is its top, a proper work surface. Obviously the dimensions are contained, but they still allow you to place objects and documents and allow a surface on which to carry out small jobs or fill in documents. Hence, among other things, the very name of the article.

Many writing desks models have an inclined top to facilitate certain operations and an anti-fall edge, which prevents sheets, folders and stationery from falling to the ground.


Uses of a writing desk

The writing desk is designed for places such as workshops and production lines, where it is necessary to physically move between stations, continuing to carry out operations. In this context, the writing desk offers a constant support surface also thanks to the stainless steel castors available on various models. These allow you to easily move the structure in all directions.

Another environment typically suitable for writing desks is that of catering laboratories and any other used for food, in which a hygienic material such as stainless steel is indispensable. Here it is very convenient to have a support base close at hand, without having to leave the laboratory itself.

In addition to the versions with castors or with height-adjustable feet, there are also foot desks with the possibility of wall fixing, made up only of the upper part. An inclined top with edge and a drawer, with lock or padlock.

We can consider the writing desk as a real laboratory “mini office”, an agile solution made with the highest quality materials. Discover all the models of desks and chests of drawers that we offer by clicking here. For any information write to us by filling out the form below.

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