Slanted top and safety standards

When creating a locker or cupboard for a company, a laboratory, a gym or any other working environment, it is essential to pay close attention to safety standards.

For this reason, in producing our lockers, cupboards, pigeon hole lockers and all the other models, we at Facilitas heavily invest in many different features, with the guarantee of a maximum level of safety.

An important example is the sloping roof, present on almost all of our wardrobe models. Let’s see why.


Sloping top in stainless steel cabinets

The sloping top, also called slanted top, consists of the upper lid of the locker which, unlike other models, is not flat, but inclined. As a result, the highest part of the roof will be at the rear.

The inclination can be more or less steep, but it must undoubtedly ensure the achievement of the ultimate goal of this particular design.
So what is the sloping roof for?


The advantage of the sloping top and the safety standards

The first role of this element concerns hygiene issues. The sloping top is in fact designed to reduce the amount of potentially harmful dust and sediments that can accumulate on the top of the locker. Especially when it comes to large structures, this area is difficult to reach during cleaning operations and a flat surface would be particularly dirty and difficult to sanitize.

Another important advantage that the sloping roof assures us is the reduction of the risk of fire. In fact, the inclination of the roof is also aimed at preventing the various users from placing any type of object on the top. This area is often found near smoke detectors or similar devices which, if covered or blocked by other objects, may not warn of the danger of a fire in progress.

Furthermore, in this way it is ensured that the same objects do not accidentally fall from the top of the locker, risking serious injury to anyone nearby.


The sloping or inclined top is therefore a fundamental feature of our cupboards, whether they are intended for changing rooms or for the most varied working environments. Ensuring the safety of staff and customers is essential in a company and stainless steel cabinets with sloping top are important allies.

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