Stainless steel furniture for hospitals and health facilities

Numerous components and tools intended for use in the pharmaceutical, chemical and cosmetic sectors and in healthcare/hospital facilities are made of stainless steel.

What makes this material so suitable for use in these areas?

As seen in our previous articles, one of the properties of stainless steel is being a truly hygienic material due to a series of fundamental characteristics:

  • Excellent corrosion resistance
  • Minimum bacterial retention thanks to low surface roughness
  • Ease of cleaning and high bacterial removal
  • It does not require protective coatings

Hygiene plays a fundamental role in the storage and preservation of substances regularly used in the medical and cosmetic fields, for which it is necessary to use suitable professional furniture that satisfies all the needs of the operators. Let’s see some examples.

Storage Cupboards

These are very versatile cabinets, which can be used in clinics, wards and corridors. The internal fittings, usually made up of shelves and drawers, must be easily adjustable and customizable according to the available spaces and the type of use.

They could be installed into a technical compartment with the doors flush with the wall and therefore equipped with a dust-proof plinth for a high level of hygiene and excellent aesthetic results. If used in the classic way, i.e. completely visible, it becomes necessary to equip them with adjustable feet for correct leveling on the floor or antistatic swivel wheels for free movement both during use and during cleaning.

The doors can have ventilation holes or be made of transparent material with a stainless steel frame to facilitate recognition of the contents. They are supplied with hinged doors up to a length of 1400 mm or with sliding doors for larger dimensions. Facilitas catalog offers different models of storage cupboards


Changing Room Lockers

Changing rooms must be designed to guarantee a high level of hygiene, facilitating operators and visitors in the correct change between civilian clothes and work clothes in complete safety.

Studied and designed to fit all needs, the standard and C400 locker cabinets are constructed in strict compliance with hygiene and HACCP standards:

  • dust-proof sloping roof
  • internal partitions and shelves
  • anti-cut edges and absence of sharp edges

These lockers are widely used in hospitals, pharmaceutical companies and healthcare facilities because they can be easily positioned in series (using special fastening systems) and sanitized. The support base is designed for various interchangeable supports: adjustable feet, plinth, swivel wheels or integrated structure with bench. Here you can find the complete range of Facilitas lockers.


Broom cabinets

All detergents, products and tools for cleaning and ordinary maintenance of public departments and environments must be correctly stored in special cabinets that guarantee safe storage by limiting possible safety risks.

Equipped with several compartments for brooms and vacuum cleaners, as well as adjustable shelves for cleaning products, the broom cabinets have ventilation holes in the doors and bottom to prevent the accumulation of harmful vapors and humidity inside the cabinet.

The excellent resistance of stainless steel guarantees long life and easy cleaning of the surfaces.

We have seen how stainless steel is therefore widely used in healthcare and pharmaceutical facilities, as it meets all cleaning needs, does not rust and does not alter the characteristics of the other substances it comes into contact with (food and non-food).

A final consideration concerns the external finish: the most recommended is the satin scotch brite type, less subject to scratches and aesthetic imperfections than the mirror polished one.



To sum up, in hospitals, clinics and healthcare facilities, maintaining a hygienic and sanitized environment is obviously even more important. To ensure this result, it is good to have equipment and furnishings that can be easily sanitized.

Stainless steel Facilitas lockers are the solution you need. Contact us with the contact form here below!

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