Environmental labelling of packaging in Italy

The importance of preserving the environment and the health of the planet we live on is, nowadays, a critical and much debated topic. Countless scientific studies made public, expert testimony and increasingly frequent climatic disasters

Despite this, many people and companies are still not aware of the various regulations and guidelines to limit and prevent the pollution of our ecosystem.

Environmental labeling legislation

One of the many measures that came into force is the Ministerial Decree n. 360 of 28th september 2022, which adopts the Guidelines on environmental labeling pursuant to art. 219, paragraph 5, of the legislative decree 3 April 2006, n.152. 152. This law aims to ensure the correct fulfillment of the packaging labeling obligations by the responsible subjects.

In fact, there is an obligation of environmental labeling for all packaging released for consumption in Italy and we at Facilitas are organized to fulfill our duty.

Attention to the environment has always been a cornerstone of the Facilitas philosophy. Discover the close relationship between steel and ecology. Find out more about the strong bond between stainless steel and ecology.

The new packaging labels

In order to fully comply with the standard and to provide our customers with one more tool to correctly manage the packaging accompanying our products, we have created two new environmental labels.

Thanks to these simple tools, we make it immediately clear how to dispose of the materials we choose to protect our lockers during transport.

Furthermore, we remain available for any clarification and you can contact us by phone, email or by filling out the form below!


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