Hygiene regulations and stainless steel

As we said in the article dedicated to hygiene in the food industry, stainless steel proves to be the best possible material to produce machinery and systems in direct contact with food.

Its characteristics make it highly hygienic and prevent food contamination, alteration of taste, smell, color and organoleptic properties in general.

For these reasons, stainless steel has been officially authorized in Italy by a Ministerial Decree, as one of the possible materials to make machines and equipment in the food sector.

In the Decree of 21 March 1973, “Hygienic regulation of packaging, containers, tools, intended to come into contact with foodstuffs or substances for personal use”, different steels are specified:

  • AISI 304
  • AISI 316
  • AISI 430
  • 441 Li
  • 470 Li

That’s why at Facilitas, we use these types of stainless steel, fully approved for food contact.


HACCP regulation and stainless steel cabinets

The acronym HACCP identifies the so-called “Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points”. It consists of a series of rules and procedures aimed at protecting the consumer and guaranteeing food health.

Naturally, these standards therefore also concern all the equipment and machinery involved in the production and processing of food. Consequently, even the materials in which these are produced, including stainless steel, must comply with the requirements indicated by the HACCP protocol.

Stainless steel cabinets, such as Facilitas products, fully comply with the standards indicated by the HACCP system in this sense. They therefore allow operators to work safely, without risking food contamination and guaranteeing them compliance with the procedures.

In fact, according to the legislation, workers in the food sector must have their own changing room, equipped with a lockers:

  • with dirty/clean separator
  • with key lock or padlock
  • easy to sanitize

As we have seen, stainless steel is one of the most hygienic materials in the world also due to the ease with which it can be cleaned and sanitized.

In addition, our models are equipped with a sloping top, to avoid the accumulation of dust and the deposit of objects on the top. A further measure to ensure the health of workers and processed foods.

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